Valentines is Now Officially Galentines

It’s time to bring out the heart-shaped chocolates, put on a rom-com and get all your girls over for the best Galentines Day!! Valentines is fab for all those happily in love but for us single girls it can be a bit of a downer, our singleness is thrown in our faces and as you see people walking along, heart-shaped balloon in hand, you start to feel like being single isn’t as fun as you first thought it was. But this is gone, wave goodbye to the singleness blues brought about by V-Day and get all your gals round for a day of celebrating each other and not giving a sh*t about your relationship status.

Valentines day is generically labelled as a day to celebrate romantic love but I think the love you have for your friends is just as important as the love you have for a partner. It’s different obviously but it’s still vv important so take the day to share the love with all your girls!!

I’m a little tired of the “oh she’s single, how sad.. blah blah” thought process many people have. Its 2018, I think its time everyone realises that it is actually possible to be quite happy on your own. Being single isn’t sad, it’s not a sign that somethings wrong with you. If you don’t have a S.O. that’s completely fine, if you don’t want to find one that is also totally cool. There’s no rule that says you have to be in relationship by a certain time. But if you’re in a relationship then go out there and live your life with that fab boy/girl by your side!!

The purpose of Galentines isn’t to sit around and loath people who have someone to celebrate Valentines with, it’s for every girl (single or in a relationship) to come together and just say “hell yeah we are all amazing”. Your relationship status doesn’t define you and it doesn’t determine whether you can celebrate Galentines.

All you actually need for a positively fab Galentines:

  1. Some Gals

Yep that literally all you’ll need. No requirements, no restrictions. Just some Gals ready to celebrate the fact that you’re all girls and that’s pretty cool. (Junk food isn’t a requirement but it’s highly recommended).

Now look Val/Gal-entines is, as I’m well aware, a holiday that’s been made pretty much to profit off. At any other time of the year you can get roses at a pretty decent price but on the 14th of February don’t even think about going into a florist with some loose change because at the most you’ll come out with a single petal from a rose.

Companies push the notion that love is shown through material items, all the heart-shaped soaps, chocolates, books, pyjamas etc. are designed to be bought to give to someone to “prove” that you love them. However you don’t need to give someone anything to show them that you love and care about them. But before you start sharpening your pitchforks ready to stand outside the stores with the giant love hearts plastered on their windows just remember that you’re not an idiot and the people you love aren’t idiots either. You know and they know that some pj’s with hearts all over them doesn’t prove that you love them.

Don’t let all the marketing schemes make you feel as though you can’t celebrate the day without forking out a months worth of pay. If you want to get someone a pretty heart-shaped candle go for it but if you just want to give someone a hug then that’s cool too. Just share the love in any way your heart desires!! Love doesn’t cost anything to share so don’t let any company make you feel as though simply telling someone you love them isn’t good enough, because believe me words mean so much more than anything you can buy.

Galentines Day is for having fun with all your friends and being able to share some time with them to show that you love them. It’s for everyone to feel included and to disregard your relationship status and just have some much-needed girl time!! As love actually so perfectly put it “All you need is love” and this feb share all the love your little heart contains and most importantly share some love with yourself because you deserve to be loved just as much as everyone else.




    • Sophie
      February 13, 2018 / 8:11 am

      Yess Galentines for the winnn haha xx thank you for reading babe

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