The Perfect Berry Lip for Winter

Ahh winter, the time for cozy jumpers, hot chocolate and… all the berry lip colours you can dream of!! I’ve always loved the look of berry colours for lipstick and I may have found the ultimate metal matte berry lipstick, the Profusion Mixed Metals Lips. My mum gave me this kit for my birthday and the colours are absolutely stunning, they have a metal finish which gives them a lovely sheen but they’re matte so they don’t smear all over your face this is especially important on Christmas day, you don’t want to be stressing about your lipstick when there’s mountains of food right there in front of you, right?!

The kit comes with two liquid lipsticks and one lip liner for only $5 USD. The darker lipstick shade is called Metal Vamp while the lighter mire nude toned shade is Metal Berry and the lip liner shade is called Berry Vamp. These shades are STUNNING!! I adore the darker shade but for a more subtle look the metal berry is perfect, it still gives you that metal look without being quite as vampy as the darker shade.

The lip liner is so creamy and pigmented, it goes on like a dream and create the perfect base for the lipsticks to make the colours more opaque and also is a dream at ensuring your lips don’t feel dry. That’s the main reason I strayed away from matte finishes, I just couldn’t deal with how dry they made my lips look and feel but that’s all over now, thank heavens.

The opacity of the lipsticks is lovely, you might find though that due to them being more of a shiny formula they may come out a little bit patchy, this can be more obvious with the darker shade, however by putting the lipliner on underneath that sorts its self out pretty well. I really like the applicator, it gives a nice even coverage without looking streaky which is a definite plus.

I’m not the best when it comes to taking about makeup products but I can give these a big yes to be added to your christmas list as a last-minute gift to yourself.

Only two more sleeps to go which is oh so exciting, I’ll see you all tomorrow for the final day of blogmas 2018!!

All the love.


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