Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush ~ Achiote Review

I’m a little bit behind on the beauty trends but finally I’ve got my hands on one of Tartes Amazonian Clay blushes and I’m obsessed. These blushes are hyped up in the beauty world and for good reason, they’re so lovely and come in a range of colours to suit so many people, plus they’re super long-lasting so you’ll be looking rosy all day and night.

Achiote is a perfect peachy pink that doesn’t make me look like I’ve dressed up as a clown for the day. This is one of the more natural looking shades which has its ups and downs, I love the subtle flush it gives however I’ve heard from others that the darker shades stick around for longer than the more natural colours, this makes sense obviously as darker shades are going to show up better in the first place. This blush fades away perfectly, it’s not patchy at all and over the day it just slowly wears off without you noticing it. As this blush claims to be a “12 hour blush” it lasts a lot longer than my other blushes even while being a lighter shade.

The packaging is really cute and simple which I like as it doesn’t look like kids makeup but it doesn’t look boring either. The colour of the packaging is a similar colour to the blush inside which is very handy as if you have several of them you can easily pick the one you want rather than having to open them all up. The imprint on the blush itself is also something I love as it adds something a bit different to the other blushes on the market.

You don’t need much to get a lovely flush of colour but can be built up easily to get a more intense colour. These are fab for oily skin as they still manage to last a long time but you can also use them if you have dryer skin as the blush has hydrating benefits also (I don’t know all the specific details on the ingredients of this blush but I know it has a lot of beneficial ingredients).

I hope you enjoyed this little review on my fave blush at the moment, if you’ve been looking at these blushes but haven’t known whether they’re worth the price I’d suggest you give them a go, you never know, you might find your new holy grail.



  1. June 24, 2017 / 4:26 pm

    Loved the review Sophie! I really like these blushes as well, I got a pack with four mini ones and they are so cute (also super photogenic which is always nice).

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