So It’s Sunday.. Here’s How I Unwind on the Slowest Day of the Week

I love Sunday, its calm, its stress free (most of the time) and it gives me a day to dedicate to all things blogging. I have recently been adding in regular “activities” to my Sundays and I have been loving having a little Sunday ritual to prepare me for the week ahead. I wanted to share with you all a few things I’ve been adding into my slower Sundays to unwind.

Grab a Cozy Book

I love reading and when I start I can’t stop no matter how hard I try. In January I read the perfect book for a rainy Sunday and that was Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland, it is utter perfection when its cold outside and you get to be all tucked up in bed watching the rain pour outside. The characters, the storyline, just everything I loved and I would definitely recommend giving it a read next Sunday (or any day really). Reading is the perfect way to switch off from the world, both real and online, and just relax and forget even for a moment about all the things you *need* to do.

Listen to a Podcast

I recently started listening to podcasts and I don’t know why I haven’t been listening to them for ages!! I love sitting down, putting on a podcast and either just listening to people chat away or scroll through Pinterest while I listen. It’s a nice change from constantly having to watch whats happening to know whats going on. My go to podcast is Keeping It Candid by Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton, they’re both some of my fave bloggers and I love listening to them chat about everything from their ex’s to blogging bits and bobs.

Watch a “No Think, No Stress” Show

You know the show where you can put it on and it just makes you feel happy and calm? Mine is 100% Gilmore Girls, it’s relaxing but it’s still interesting and I just love all the characters. Maybe give PLL a miss if you’re trying to unwind because as much as I love Pretty Little Liars it’s pretty intense and it doesn’t always leave me feeling relaxed, in fact I’m often left a little a lot on edge.


Have a sleep at 2 in the afternoon, no judgment here. From late nights and early starts all week-long its nice to have a nap sometimes and catch up on some of the lost┬ásleep. The process of waking up from a nap is quite odd though, its disorienting but your body and mind will thank you for the much-needed pick me up and it’ll help you keep on going through the week.

Read Allie’s Slow Sunday Club Newsletter

And finally, what inspired me to make this post, Allie from the blog Rush & Teal started a Newsletter 4 weeks ago now and its called The Slow Sunday Club. I adore it and most of my Saturday is spent counting down the hours until sunday when I can get cozy in bed and have a scroll through her newsletter. I would definitely recommend you subscribe to receive it in your inbox every sunday, you can find all the details about it in Allies post >>here<<.

How do you unwind on a particularly slow Sunday?



  1. February 19, 2018 / 11:44 pm

    I unwind by pampering myself on a Sunday. I have a hot bath, watch my fave TV shows and read a book. I loved this post and I’ll definitely be checking out the Slow Sunday club newsletters xx

    • Sophie
      February 24, 2018 / 5:25 pm

      Sounds like a dreamy sunday!! And definitely do Allies newsletter is lovely x

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