My Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are in my opinion one of the most important part about Christmas, without traditions that childlike wonder surrounding Christmas may have fizzled out a while ago. But traditions bring back nostalgia and make Christmas genuinely the most wonderful time of the year. So for todays blogmas post, the third last one until Christmas eeeeeeee, I’m going to be sharing with you the traditions my family and I have.

Collecting and hanging decorations on the tree throughout the years

Ever since I as little mum and I would go to the shops and I would pick out an ornament to hang on the tree. Now our tree, many years later, is like a giant scrapbook filled with memories from each year. This year I decided that instead of buying one I would make gingerbread cookie ornaments and use them as our yearly ornaments, if you want to make some of your own I made this post with all the details.

Taking a photo with Santa

Going to take a photo with Santa was always the most exciting thing to do during December when I was younger. We haven’t been to take one for a few years now because it was getting a little bit expensive. But the memories never fade from the pure joy being little and being able to tell Santa what’s on your Christmas wish list for that year. I remember one year as I was telling Santa what I wanted he showed me his key to the north pole, needless to say I was completely convinced that this was the real deal, not just one of his helpers it was actually him. To this day I look back on the photos with so much love.

Watching Pete’s Christmas and The Polar Express on Christmas Eve

A few years ago I was wrapping presents on Christmas Eve and I decided to put a Christmas film on, I was scrolling through Netflix when I saw Pete’s Christmas, I’d never head of it before so I decided to watch it to mix it up a little. Needless to say I LOVED it, it was the perfect film to get me 100% in the Christmas mood, it’s definitely a little cheesy but every great Christmas movie needs to be!! I also love watching the polar express on Christmas eve, it’s a classic, its Christmassy and I would do anything for a cup of hot chocolate they all drink on the train.

Going for a drive to look at Christmas lights

I am always in awe at the amount of time and effort some people put into decorating their home with lights during December. I’ve always said that when I get my own house I will be decking the halls with all the lights and turning my front garden into a winter wonderland as I have always loved stopping to walk around the home-made Christmas attractions people create in their own garden. I feel like spreading the joy of Christmas to each person as they drive by is such a lovely thing to do. This year I’ve finally convinced mum to let me string up some twinkling fair lights up outside and each night when I turn them on I always look at them through the window, just wait until next year… it’ll be a Christmas extravaganza outside my house!!

Reading Let It Snow

This novel perfectly captures the Christmas spirit, I’ve read it the Christmas not last year but the year before and I wanted to have a one year break so that I can forget most of the main details and relive the beauty of this book all over again. So I’m going to be taking it to my Nanas house tonight (were doing some Christmas baking together to take on Christmas day how exciting!!) and I’m going to get started on it. I know I’m leaving it a little bit late but there’s three stories, one about Christmas eve, one about Christmas days and the final story is about boxing day so I’m going to read the first two before Tuesday and the last one after Christmas to keep the spirit alive.

Those are the five Christmas traditions that my family and I have had for many many years and will continue to do well into the future. I would love to hear about any Christmas traditions you have, maybe I could add some of them into my future festive seasons.

All the love.


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