I’m an Over Thinker and That’s Fine, Most of the Time.


I over think things. Most things things actually. But I’m done letting small things stress me out like they used to so I’m putting my over thinking to good use and cutting out *fingers crossed* all the negatives.

Most people assume that over thinking is flat-out bad but some circumstances call for a little (or a lot) of over thinking, however others not so much.

The past few weeks I have been meticulously searching for the perfect skin care regime, I’ve been reading reviews on just about every product imaginable (and I’m finally getting a solid list of products down). While some people would hate the idea of spending hours upon hours reading about moisturizer, toner, cleanser, eye cream…you get the picture, for me its fun and in the end I’ll have a skin care routine to finally sort my stubborn skin out. I’ve totally been over thinking it but its the good type of over thinking, the type where you want everything to be exactly right so you can reap all the rewards of the effort and thought you put into it.

But on the flip side when I say something particularly, for lack of a better phrase, foot in mouth, I spend the next hour thinking about it and subsequently wanting to crawl into a hole and never leave again.

So while over thinking things can be a positive, it can also be the negative it’s so famously known for.

I say and do things that most people do regularly and don’t give a second thought to but for some reason I get all caught up in my head and have a mild crisis when I say something dumb or trip in a store and look up to see the girl working there trying to stifle a laugh (I wouldn’t blame her seeing a 6ft girl clumsily fall over her own feet must be quite a sight).

Actually slight correction there, I USED to get all caught up in the small stuff but now I’m trying to just not care what people think because honestly I’m going to say and do stupid things today & everyday after it. If I worry about each *awks* moment I’ll  be continually kicking myself about one thing or the other.



I remember in my first year of high school walking into a classroom of people I didn’t know required a thought process of “Right foot, left foot, right foot… don’t stumble or everyone will see!!” Oh god the horror of people seeing you have a clumsy moment, how tragic!

Fast forward to a week ago, I was in a store with my friends and they’d walked ahead so I quickly came around the corner and little did I know that my shoes had exactly 0 grip so I went for a slide across the floor but managed to gather myself without falling. That’s not to say I didn’t look like a wobbly mess trying desperately to grab onto anything to manage to steady my balance. Then I looked up and saw a girl staring right at me. Did I have a freak out? Nope I actually started laughing. I was now the one trying to stifle a laugh while speed walking (not about to risk another slip) through the store to catch up to my friends and when I did… I couldn’t contain my laughter at the whole thing.

Sure it doesn’t sound that funny now but in the moment it was hilarious.

And guess what else? Thinking back on that moment now not one part of me wants to disappear and hope that I can live my life as a girl on the run with no identity. I actually had a little giggle writing it out.

Over thinking things isn’t healthy all the time but we can’t help over thinking just a little. Have a few minutes to shake off the embarrassment or just have a good ol’ laugh at yourself and spend the next few hours enjoying yourself rather than stressing over something small that happened, that no one thinks about or even cares about. I’m trying to get better and I’m leaps and bounds ahead of the nervous wreck I used to be.

Thats not to say I don’t still over think things because I do and I think everyone does. But I now over think things more when it comes to planning or researching things which I’ve always done and I probably always will do, I’m a researcher *cough, perfectionist* at heart. When something happens that I can’t control I always try to remember that every person has their own life, they’re tripping over their own two feet so the last thing they care about is you saying “good and you?” when all they said was “hello”.




  1. March 28, 2018 / 12:47 am

    I was literally just speaking to one of my friends about how I overthink and stress out far too much and I really hope to try stop as much as I can. But when you’re an over thinker, you overthink about overthinking.. it’s just a vicious circle! You have a gorgeous blog here also, well done you pretty lady! x


  2. July 7, 2018 / 5:34 pm

    Yes yes and yessss!!! I love this post! I’m now 24 and have only learnt these things over the last few years. I’m such an anxious person but I know now that nobody is perfect and everyone makes a twat of themselves now and again so why overthink things and worry? Just be who you are ❤️ xo

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