DIY Gingerbread Christmas Tree Decorations

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Today I have a super exciting post because I’m making something I’ve wanted to make for years now but never got around to… Gingerbread Ornaments!! I’ve always thought these were so cute and they remind me of a decoration my grandma has that looks like gingerbread and it always baffled me that I couldn’t eat it. Now I’ve made stacks of my own and can’t wait to give them to friends and family and hang them on our tree. I found this DIY here so check out Heather’s creation too for some more inspiration (her ornaments are gorgeous!!).

They’re the perfect little touch to tie onto a present to give it a more personal feel. They almost look good enough to eat but when they’re so cute how could you even think about eating them?! That’s always how I feel when the gingerbread house gets brought out on Christmas day, looked at with admiration for a few moments before everyone breaks it apart and its left looking like a tornado came through. At least with these they’ll last forever and will have that special memory attached to them.

If you can’t tell I am quite excited by the whole concept of these, making and decorating them was super easy which meant I could actually just have a good time without stressing about making everything perfect and doing a thousand steps in the process.

I went with the classic white “icing” and to add a little bit of flair I sprinkled white/purple iridescent glitter on them which makes them look so sparkly!! Go crazy with as many colours as you fancy, add some glitter too if you’re feeling crazy or some buttons for eyes to give it a different look. That’s the beauty of these they’re so easy to make your own and add a bit of flair to them to make them extra special. Anyway without further ado let’s get into what you’ll need.


2 trays worth/30 gingerbread ornaments roughly

What You’ll Need:

For the cookies ~

  • 1 1/2 cups of plain flour
  • 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons of ground ginger
  • 1 cup (approx) of water
  • Baking paper
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie cutters
  • A straw

For decorating ~

  • 3D fabric paint in squeeze bottles
  • Mod podge
  • A paint brush or sponge brush
  • String or ribbon
  • Any other decorations (glitter, sequins etc.)

How to Make The Cookies:

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 80°C or 170°F (not fan force)
  2. Add flour, cocoa powder, salt, cinnamon and ginger into a large mixing bowl (I sifted my flour and cocoa powder beforehand to ensure there were no lumps)
  3. Mix dry ingredients until combined
  4. Add 1 cup of water and knead with your hands until it is combined, the dough should have an elastic consistency – if the dough is too dry add a little bit more water, if it is too sticky and wet add a little bit more flour
  5. Roll the dough out using your rolling-pin (or water bottle in my case) until it is roughly half a centimetre in thickness. I rolled it out on a piece of baking paper so I could easily life up the cookies, I didn’t need to put flour on my rolling-pin as I found the dough didn’t stick, I would advise against adding extra flour on the top or bottom of the dough as it could affect the final colour of the cookie
  6. Use a straw to cut holes out of the top of the cookies for the string to go through
  7. Transfer the cookies onto a baking tray with baking paper underneath
  8. Bake the shapes until dry and rigid. The recipe I followed said to bake for two hours and then rotate the trays and bake for a further 1-2 hours, however because I made mine a bit thicker they actually took around 6 hours to become fully dry and I upped the temperature at the 4 hour mark to around 100°C. It will depend on the consistency of your mixture, your oven and the thickness of the cookies so just bake them while you have a Christmas movie marathon.
  9. When they are cooled completely apply using a sponge or paint brush a layer of the mod lodge, this seals the cookies and brings back the gingerbread colour
  10. When the Mod podge is dry use the 3D fabric paint to decorate the cookies. Sprinkle on some glitter, add a bow, glue on some buttons or sequins… the possibilities are endless so get creative!!
  11. Allow them to completely dry (2-3 hours roughly), then attach the ribbon or twine and hang them on the tree or anywhere your heart desires (you can never have too many gingerbread decorations sprinkled around your house

And that’s it, it only took me about half an hour to prepare the dough and cut them all out and then the few hours of baking them I spent writing this post and having a good old sing along to some Christmas music. If you make these then please take me in a photo on twitter or instagram @sophie_maie I would love to see your creations!!

much love xx



    • Sophie
      December 27, 2018 / 6:33 am

      Aww thank you girl x

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