Christmas Movie Marathon

Pop some popcorn and bring your friends over for the ULTIMATE Christmas movie marathon!! Above are just a few of the countless Christmas movies I’ll be watching this year, in fact there are two movies on my little list/tree which I am yet to see… I haven’t seen the Grinch, I know I know it’s practically a sin, but I’m finally going to watch it this year along with Miracle On 34th Street which I’ve heard is absolutely amazing.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the movies above but one you may not have seen before is Pete’s Christmas, this movie has become my staple Christmas movie for the past two years. In 2015 I watched it on Christmas eve while wrapping some gifts and last year I watched it on Christmas day after going to look at all the Christmas lights so I now have a lot of festive memories attached and I would definitely recommend you to all see it this year. Its about a boy who has to re-live Christmas day over and over again to try and fix everything to make it perfect, it is pure festive joy and I absolutely love it!!

Bring your friends over and pick a movie from the tree and have your own Christmas Movie Marathon!! I hope you enjoyed this quick little post and now have some ideas for a film to put on to get you in the Christmas spirit. Much love x


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