Can Bloggers Change Without Being Labelled as Disingenuous?

Think back a few years ago, you were pretty different then compared to how you are now and that’s normal. People change and for the most part in the real world people are pretty nonchalant about how the people around them have changed.

But then they hop on their computers to check out their fave bloggers most recent post, and when said blogger is no longer looking and acting like they used to it’s a free for all to tear the blogger down and make them feel like they’re fake because they aren’t “who they used to be”.

Bloggers aren’t some computerised machine programmed to spit out perfect and constantly similar content, they’re people who like different things, change the way they dress, behave differently over a period of time etc. So if people can change and be respected for their decision to do things the way they desire why can’t a blogger switch things up without being labelled as a sell out and disingenuous?

If you scroll back on a bloggers Instagram you will most likely see a clear shift between the style of photography. In 2015 they may have been super into all things makeup and now they’re posting killer street style looks. You can’t deny that they’ve changed because they have but change isn’t bad, they’re still the same person just a little different and a little bit older.

The feeling of following someone for a long time and then slowly feeling like the person you initially followed is gone and has been replaced with someone else seems to be an epidemic sweeping the blogging world with people openly voicing their opinions about the people they follow. I’ve in a sense experienced the feeling, however I was never inherently upset, let alone angry, at them as they were changing because I was changing too. Who would I be to sit there and scrutinise them for wearing different clothes, posting different photos and talking about different things when I was doing the same.

The other day I was watching some Instagram stories and I was watching Mandy’s from A Girl Obsessed (total side note but I’ve loved Mandy’s┬áblog for years now so do go and check her out if you haven’t already) and she put up a screenshot of a comment she got followed by her thoughts on the issue of bloggers changing and I couldn’t help but sit there and give a little “Yass babe!!” when I saw her sticking up for herself and other bloggers in the process.

Without going into too much detail, as the comment someone left on her blog was extremely long & there’s no point nitpicking it, they basically said that she had changed and had become disingenuous all because the content she’s making currently isn’t the same as what it used to be. I’m not at all trying to send any hate to that individual as I don’t believe they intended it to be a hateful comment per se, I purely thought it was a good example of the comments bloggers are plagued with almost daily.

A few months ago I made a post all about why I’m writing the content I want to write, rather than writing what I thought people expected & wanted me to write and you were all so supportive (big hugs for all your love). Since then I have been so much more motivated and then I got stuck again because of my photos. While I did really like how they were turning out, they weren’t representing the style of photography I’m more into currently.

You can scroll back on my Instagram and see that while my photography has hopefully improved it stayed with in the realms of pinks and whites, I really love that style of photography and so many of my favourite bloggers have that sort of style (they’re all very unique though obviously). Although I loved it, it was a similar look I’d been doing since I created my blog but I was really nervous to change my photos. This might sound silly to some but photos are a huge component of my blog and the main component of my Instagram so changing it was pretty daunting. But after weeks of trying to get my new style perfected I’m really happy, I’ve planned out a fair few so I can see how my theme will flow on the good ol’ gram and I’m ready for a change.

But I’m still me, I’m just 2018 me not 2016 me. I’m not sat in a swanky office looking over the city skyline, I’m actually sat on my mums bedroom floor sweating bullets because the air cons broken and summer has decided to keep on kicking for a little while longer. But I’m not 16 anymore, different things concern me now and I’ve learnt more about myself and about blogging that make me want to not only improve but change things up a bit to reflect who I am now not who I was.

Another factor that some people choose to use as “evidence” for a blogger no longer being genuine is if they are earning money from their blog and are working with brands. To put it very briefly, if a blogger stands behind the people they choose to work with then why is that even an issue? I understand that some people do promote products they do not actually stand behind which is a valid point to show illegitimacy between the influencer (not a fan of that word) and their audience. But people who create any form of content put hours of work into it and if they are able to earn money/work with brands they love then why can’t they? This is just a side point to the bigger issue of bloggers and creators of all different types of content being labeled as disingenuous.

It’s simply not fair to label someone as disingenuous based on the fact that they aren’t the same person they were years, months, weeks or even days ago. People change and they may choose to also change the content they are putting online to reflect who they are currently instead of trying to continue to present themselves as the person they were in the past.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and remember that these are just my opinions, everyone will have different views on topics like this but I thought it was important to bring more light to the issue.



  1. March 14, 2018 / 12:25 am

    Change is natural and I agree with everything you have said! We should all embrace the change. Thank you for talking about a topic that people brush off, especially those who hate on bloggers who have changed xx

  2. March 28, 2018 / 12:45 am

    I love this, and I totally agree.. we all change, but I would call it a natural progression, we all mature and as do our likes and dislikes. As long as you are being true to yourself I really don’t see an issue with it! x

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