Autumn Playlist

A new season means a new playlist. I love finding new songs to listen to non-stop for days, this probably annoys my parents *and neighbours* but when I find a song I love I can not stop listening to it. Anyway I won’t babble on too much today, lets hop straight into the songs. I decided to pick my favourite 10 so as to not overwhelm you with 50 songs all at once. If you like these posts let me know and I’ll do some more.

  1. Cheap Sunglasses ~ RAC, Matthew Koma
  2. Lowlife ~ That Poppy
  3. Electric Love ~ BØRNS
  4. She Will Stay Beneath The Moon ~ Adam Barnes
  5. Our Own House ~ MisterWives
  6. Adore ~ Cashmere Cat, Ariana Grande
  7. Weekend – Jai Wolf Remix ~ Mocki, Jai Wolf
  8. Past Lives ~ BØRNS
  9. Clear ~ Pusher, Mothica
  10. Aloha ~ Møme, Merryn Jeann

Each songs a little different from the next which is what I love, sometimes I find that when I listen to the top charts a lot of the songs sound very similar and I can get tired of it. I’ve listened to all these songs on a loop for the past few weeks and I’m not sick of them which is a good sign!! I know this post was pretty short and I’m sorry, I’ve just been super caught up in school and life, I might do a little update post soon to fill you guys in on whats been happening in my personal life but until then I’ve got a lot of school work to do ugh.


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