Hello hello you lovey bunch,

Welcome to what I’ve spent the past three years creating here, I hope you like it as I absolutely adore it, typos, dodgy sentence structure and all.

You’ve probably popped over here to know a little more about me so where to start? Well I have no clue what I’m doing in general but its cool were just going to pop on a swishy skirt and prance around without a care in the world because thats what adults do right?

I live in Australia, have a dog called Abbi and once ate a whole packet of tim tams in one sitting, not so good health wise but you better believe I loved every chocolatey second of it.

I love to write about literally anything, you wanna hear about my thoughts on self care theres a post for that, you want to see all things christmas.. I’ve got you covered, you just want to sit back and have a little nosey at someone else life and thoughts.. welcome to my brain in digital form. I hope you enjoy you’re time here and get a little bit of joy out of something.