Hello Babe

So where do I start.. I guess you stumbled onto here hoping to learn a little more about me & my blog so lets start there.

I started my blog with the thought that it would be a space to share snaps from cute little cafes around town and some vv profesh beauty posts but I quickly realised that:
a) I’m too lazy & broke to go out to cafe weekly and
b) I am neither “profesh” nor swift enough with a makeup brush to be the next hit beauty guru
… so sophiemaie.com became my go to place to chat away about everything under the sun and chat I did!

My blog is my space I come to and feel like I can be really open, more open than I am in real life which I guess is quite strange, I mean how is it easier for me to tell a bunch of people on the internet about things I don’t even like to talk about with my friends?? I’m not going to question it because quite frankly I like being a little too open on here and I’m not about to stop anytime soon.

So settle in, grab a drink of your choice (I’ll stick with a hot chocolate but wine’s always a good idea) and get ready for me to talk your ear off about everything including things you didn’t even realise you cared about until now.


More About Me…

You know more about my blog than me at this point so it’s only fair that you know a little more about me, the blogger behind, well.. the blog.

I’m an Eighteen year old now university student (eek since when?!), living in the land down under uhh Australia.

Trying and failing to afford the champagne taste my beer budget simply can’t cover.

I have a dog, Abbi, who I love to bits and have nicknamed “my valentine” as she was in fact my valentine this past february 14th.

& finally I have the attention span of a toddler. Writing this has included many events of me just sitting back and staring out of my window, what am I looking at? You know better than I do.

You know that movie cliché, the one where the girls sitting at her computer self narrating her blog posts about how she’s not “Just a regular girl”. Well I don’t fit into that movie cliché as I’m actually quite regular. I’m not a bore *hopefully* although I did get very excited about a cute little bowl the other day. Anyway I’m getting off topic, something you’ll learn to love if you read enough of my blog. I’m just doing my thing and while on the surface my “thing” might seem very mundane you best believe that whats going on in my head is anything but mundane.

So I’m here to share all that good stuff with you lot and just do whatever I fancy on my little slice of the internet.