About Me & Disclaimer

Hello there, I’m Sophie.

Highschool Senior, Beauty & Fashion obsessed and Living in the land down under. That’s me summed up in a sentence, but don’t fret my blog is a little (or a lot) more personal than that. I’m the type of person to write about a lipstick and somehow end up telling you about that one time I was too scared to get kissed by a seal (true story). Above everything I’m in love with blogging, it’s my favourite thing to do and thankfully I’ve been able to meet people who love to read what I write. On my blog you’ll find things from outfit posts to cookie recipes. It’s a mix of Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle, basically everything I love and I hope you’ll love it too. I’ll be posting at the very least once a week, Sunday is a definite post and there could be a post sometime during the week too!!

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Love, Sophie Maie x



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