A Look Inside My 2019 Planner

Starting my New Years resolutions in the middle of Blogmas?? I guess it can’t hurt to start early. The main reason I wanted to show you my planner asap was so you will still have a chance to add it onto your Christmas Wishlist and ensure 2019 is as organised as possible while not compromising on the cute factor.

Get ready for a photo filled post of the gorgeousness that is my new Frankie 2019 Daily Journal which you can buy online HERE for $29.95 AUD & they ship worldwide so where ever you are you can buy this planner too!!

I needed a diary for 2019 so I can visually see everything uni related and then be able to allocate time each week to work on my blog as I really slipped this past year and it made me feel so guilty that I just wasn’t applying myself to blogging the way I wish I would have. But no more!! I am going to stay on top of my sh*t this year, that’s a promise.

The first thing that caught my eye was the lovely cover, it’s a canvas style fabric cover with a bottle brush flower embossed along with the “Daily Journal 2019” title in this really cute handwriting font which I love. The colour is so pretty, I love the muted green I feel like it makes it more universal where anyone could use and love this planner. My planner last year was from Ban.do and while I did really like it, I left it on my desk by the window for a day and it had faded quite badly on the cover leaving a brighter pink stripe where the elastic strap was and it just wasn’t a good look. I’m hoping that because this is fabric it won’t fade quite as drastically, I also won’t be leaving it by any windows hehe.

Theres a double page spread for each week and there’s a few lines under each day to write down reminders but they also have a huge notes section at the end of the second page which I LOVE! I found with other planners I’ve used I didn’t want to write down the same thing on each day, such as: “work on skin care blog post” because it takes up space from the urgent things happening each day. Now I can write ongoing things in the notes section and keep the daily sections for things actually happening each day.

Theres also dotted lines for each section rather than it just being blank which is a huge plus, I don’t have the neatest writing and when something looks messy I tend to want to avoid even looking at it so having lines drawn is going to be perfect this year.

At the back of the planner there’s a bunch of sections such as: Birthdays, Friends and these super cute plant related pages. The overall theme of the planner is Australian flora and its incorporated throughout everything with the patterns and in the monthly overviews at the beginning there’s a gorgeous illustration for each month. This page is a leaf glossary and as you can see it has details with illustrations of the leaves and it is just too cute!!

Along with the leaf glossary there’s a page of seasonal facts which is such a cute touch. I adore the tear out Forget me-nots  which make perfect inserts into the weekly pages or as a shopping list etc. They’re in the same patterns as the monthly sections too which is perfect if you’re anything like me and like things to match.

The last section of the book has some Notes and Sketches pages which has already been so helpful as I have added in a bunch of important information I may need to be able to access in a pinch so now its in the back and I’ll always have a hardcopy of it.

If you didn’t think it could get any better it does… IT COMES WITH STICKERS!!! And again they match the patterns and colours of the monthly sections!! It’s like this was made for me. I love love love stickers and the fact that they give you a sheet is such a thoughtful touch to the planner. They also have two cardboard sheets of little cards and gift tags which I will  be using to put on Christmas presents this year.

That’s an overview of the Frankie Magazine Daily Journal for 2019. I hope you enjoyed having a look at how I’m going to try to stay on top of everything this year in style. I would 100% recommend this planner and I’m so glad I found it at the News agency the other day.

I hope you’re having an amazing December so far and I’ll see you tomorrow with blogmas day five.

much love x


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