a distraction.

Sometimes you just need a distraction you know?

So Instead of talking about structured stuff, I’m just going to chat about some random things to take my mind off the fuzziness inside.

I am so unbelievably excited that it is Christmas time, just then I was feeling all sick and weird inside and then a queued Christmas song came on and instantly I feel a little bit lighter. I just love everything about Christmas, its my favourite time of the year and I just can’t find a single thing not to love about it. The songs are one of my favourite parts about Christmas, I have to be very strict with myself these days when it comes to listening to Christmas music. I used to start listening to them in July and then by the time Christmas actually came around the songs just reminded me of school and stress so I now limit myself and I’m only allowed to start listening to them once all study is finished and more in late November when it really starts feeling like Christmas.

Speaking of it feeling like Christmas its quite strange here in Australia because you’d assume that the christmas “feeling” is when it gets cooler and you can start pulling out the christmas jumpers and lighting the fire but it really starts to feel like its christmas here when it starts getting warmer, I always thought that a white christmas would be the most magical (and I am sure that it is) but I wonder whether I would have that ingrained “it’s finally Christmas” feeling if it wasn’t warm since that’s all I’ve ever known. I guess I’ll only know when I eventually have a white christmas.

I think I’ve said Christmas enough times for this post so lets switch it up. I feel like there’s not much to watch anymore on YouTube even though there’s more content than ever before being put out I just don’t really click with any of it and I can’t find something to binge watch. I’ve started American Horror Story and finished the first season but its pretty heavy stuff so I can only do a few episodes at a time. They other day I just had a huge urge to watch Daria, I used to love it when I was little and so I tried to watch it online but its such a hassle trying to watch each episode so I bought the whole 5 season box set and I am loving it. Daria’s sense of humour is gold and while I’m not quite as monotone(?) as she is I can definitely relate to her and I hate to say it but a bit of Quinn too. I mean I just bought a pair of platform combat boots online before I started watching and then realised “oh wow maybe I’m more influenced subconsciously by Daria than I first thought”. How can you go wrong though some chunky get out of my way boots? You can’t. So I have been binge watching Daria while constantly checking the tracking page for my boots waiting for them to appear in the mail which is making them come even slower seemingly, I think I have the patience of a 3 year old.

I did really miss my blog, I just didn’t know what to say and just chatting again has felt like a good release. My blog is something so familiar I’ve had it for almost 2 and a half years which is wild and having something that I’ve kind of stuck to for that long is crazy, putting it on the back burner wasn’t ideal but I think I just need to write when I can and want to because this afternoon I feel a lot better for just writing about random things. Sure this post may not really aid anyone in any particular way but maybe you needed a distraction too so here you go hopefully it took your mind off things for a little while.

much love.


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  1. December 2, 2018 / 2:53 am

    Aw, glad your back to blogging Sophie! Sometimes a break is needed but now that you are posting whenever you want, it definitely will help you fall back in love with it x

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