A Collection of Christmas Polaroids

Welcome to Blogmas day THREE!! Only nine more posts to go and then it’ll be Christmas wooo!! Today I’m going to be giving you a little look into my december so far through Polaroids I’ve taken.

I love photography, being able to capture moments and keep them forever is genuinely so cool when you really think about it. This year I’ve been delving into more ways to play with photography and fell absolutely in love with instant film. I now have 3 instant film/Polaroid cameras, the instax wide, instax mini 90 and an OG Polaroid camera which was a $10 score from a thrift store.

Whole shooting instant film can be quite expensive there’s something so special about it, its different to digital because you get one shot to make it right and more often than not it doesn’t come out right at all but the imperfections, closed eyes and wonky framing make it all the more perfect. I’ve taken a fair few Polaroids over December so far and I couldn’t wait any longer to share them with you. I’m sure by the end of the month I’ll have some more so I might include them in a yearly wrap up post if you’d like to see them too.


A little chat about each photo…

In the main centre of my city they have this adorable sign which says “Yours Truly, Santa” in pink and I swear it was made for bloggers to get a cute snap of to put up on their Instagram. It’s next to a giant inflatable ladder which scales up the building with a huge Santa at the top, it was quite impressive to say the least.

I also took a photo tonight on my Polaroid camera of our Christmas tree, as you can see there’s a faded black rectangle over the left side of the image but these photos always come out a little bit unexpected and its pretty interesting to see how each one differs in colours and light leaks from the last. I spent around 5 hours decking the halls living room and I am so happy with how the tree tuned out this year, I added a huge bow on the top and I am loving it!!

When I was in the city the other day I took a photo of the old post office building which has now been turned into a huge H&M, it’s one of my favourite looking buildings in the city, I just feel like it has such an old school London look to it and if you know me at all you know how much I adore the UK, I would love to live there for a few years when I’m older but for now I’m stuck in the heat with no air-conditioning here in Australia, I guess that just gives me an excuse to eat more ice-cream now.

As I was walking to an appointment I saw this huge Christmas tree in the window of a business building and I just had to take a photo of it, even if it meant I had to stand in the middle of the pathway while everyone pushed their way past me. One day I would love to have a huge entrance way with a giant Christmas tree, think Kris Jenner style (if you’ve seen Keeping Up with the Kardashians you’ll know what I mean).

Finally I took a photo of the train we have around the base of our Christmas tree. My little brother got it for Christmas quite a few years ago now and we always have it running around the bottom of the tree every year since. I think it is so cute and it even plays Christmas music!! Also as you can see some Christmas presents are already under the tree and I have no clue where they’ve come from, I might have to do the cheeky shake of the box see if it gives any clues as to what it is and who it’s for…

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Christmas so far through my Polaroids. I loved chatting about them because I feel like I always take a bunch of them and they just get put into a box never to be seen again, I might have to do a few more of these and give you an inside look into my life a bit more.

much love x


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