5 Ways to REALLY Get Into the Christmas Spirit This Year

Ho Ho Ho, Welcome to the 12 Days of Blogmas… DAY 1!!

Have you ever had one of those Decembers where you get to boxing day and feel like you didn’t take full advantage of the whole Christmas vibe, it is not fun believe me so this yea I’m determined to never go through that regret of not making enough cookies and singing enough Christmas songs, again.

So I’ve thought of 5 ways to guarantee that you’ll get into the festive spirit this year!!

  1. Find some new Christmas songs to sing along with

    I’m a HUGE fan of the classics but listening to jingle bells for 25 days straight year after year can get a little tired, so why not find some new songs to blast throughout december (along with the oldies). Some of my newer faves are “I’ll be Home” by Meghan Trainor and “My Song for You” from Good Luck Charlie. Some people can be a little stand offish when it comes to new songs but give them a listen and you might find some new classics.

  2. Scroll through Pinterest and actually try some Christmas crafts and recipes

    If you’re anything like me you have a bunch of boards on Pinterest filled with delicious looking recipes and cute DIY’s, yet that’s all they ever do, sit there and look pretty never to actually be made, not anymore, take the trip  \to the craft store and pick up some groceries so you can commit to making the gingerbread cookies from scratch and string up the home-made garland across the fireplace. While you’re making them pop up on the Christmas tree lights and a cute Christmas film and I guarantee you’ll be feeling super festive asap!

  3. Revive old traditions

    Everyone has those Christmassy traditions we did when we were younger, some of them may have fizzled out over the years so bring some of them back. Go and pick a real Christmas tree out with your family, get a photo taken again with Santa, watch a classic christmas movie with your sibling… whatever you loved doing when you’re a kid, bring it back and relive the traditions.

  4. String up lights outside your home

    I have finally achieved my dream this year of having lights up outside, I never had a job before so buying lights wasn’t an option on my budget of $0, and even though it’s not as extravagant as I’d like (I’m hoping to one day get to the level they get to In the Deck the Halls movie), but even just having some sparkly fairy lights strung up make all the difference. Listening to music and watching all the Christmas movies may get you in the spirit nothing beats spreading the joy to everyone driving by.

  5. Take Advent Calendars up a level

    I’m not suggesting you skip the chocolate a day advent calendar but how about add another one in the mix, like for example I’m going to try my best to do the 12 Days of Blogmas this year, writing a Christmas post each day in the lead up to Christmas is sure to get me into the spirit while also involving a few of the previously mentioned points into the posts. If you aren’t a blogger don’t stress there’s plenty of ways you can count down to Christmas like putting up a Christmas themed post on instagram each day, tick off one thing on your Christmas bucket list each day (e.g. go for a drive to look at the Christmas lights, decorate an ornament…) or do an act of kindness each day to help someone else in the lead up to the big day. Whatever you choose to do adding a little extra layer of Christmas cheer each day will definitely get you in the spirit.

Theres 12 days left until Christmas Day so why not add a few extra touches to your countdown and by the time boxing day rolls around you’ll know you’ve spent December taking full advantage of all things CHRISTMAS!!

much love x


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